Friday, November 15, 2013

The book Riópar Factories. Mirar lo propio con ojos propios (our industrial history), which contains the memories of the lectures serie around Riopar Factories, developed  by the Friends of the Royal Factories of Riópar association, can be purchased at the Museum of the Royal Factories San Juan Alcaraz (and Riópar Tourism Office) as well as in other places in town: Supermarket Supertodo, Puerta del Arco,Taberna de los Vientos, Hostal Río Mundo, La Fragua, Tronkasa and La Cueva del Mundo.

It is also available at Herso Library, in Albacete.

The book traces the long industrial history of Riópar (1773-2001), told by many voices, with a wealth of unpublished images. Learn more HERE (in Spanish). The acquisition brings to donate 12 €, an amount that will go to the association to deal with the costs and continuity of activities AARFR.
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Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Joanes Georgius Josephus Graubner y la Fundación de las Reales Fábricas de Latón de Riópar, is the first work published by the Friends of the Royal Factories of Riópar Association. The author is indeed the current president of the association, Jose Manuel Moreno Sánchez. It covers the time gap from 1772 to 1801.

Written in Spanish, the work highlights the enormous difficulties the Austrian ingenieer had to face to settle the foundations of the first industrial site in Spain able to produce brass in different shapes(lingots, planks and threads) and paints a clear canvas of what was happening in the last quarter of the 18th century in Spain and the beggining of the industrial revolution in this country. A must if you want to understand the evolution of the Royal Brass Factories in Riópar.

The book can be purchased at the Museum of the Royal Factories of Riópar or by mail; You can ask  the Association through email:
or telephone (Museum): 967 435 230

* Donation to the Association: € 5